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Agility Home School

Have you ever found yourself wondering WHAT you should be practicing at home? 

You know that your weekly agility class is likely  NOT enough to help you become a confident and connected agility team...but training on your own can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. 

You may justify it with excuses such as: 

  • My dog needs contact practice but I don’t have access to contact equipment…

  • I only have a few jumps and limited space! 

  • I don’t know what to set up, so I’ll just wait until I get to class 

  • My dog is so fast, and I don’t have the distance skills to keep up! 

The truth is that you DON’T need much equipment or space to improve your teamwork and agility skills by leaps and bounds AT HOME! 

Join World Champion agility competitor Jess Martin as she coaches you through this 6-week agility home school program! 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to teach and perform different handling moves including front crosses, rear crosses, threadles & more! 

  • How to build amazing distance skills that can be used to turn your dog into a gamle superstar, or to keep up with your fast dog! 

  • How to work on solidifying your contact behaviours WITHOUT having access to contact equipment! 

  • Fun weave pole exercises that can be used for ANY level of dog! 

It’s time to stop saying “I need to train more” and get started creating the connected agility team you know you can become! 

This Digital Self Study Program Includes:

  • 6 Self-Study Modules each focusing on a specific handling skill! 

    • How to teach the skill from the group up! 

    • One Jump exercises! 

    • Two Jump exercises! 

    • Skills specific Sequences! 

  • Planks & Poles drills you can do at home to improve your contacts and weaves even if you DON’T have access to contact equipment!

  • Distance Challenges! 

  • Video examples of Jess running a variety of different dogs/breeds/sizes! 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to course material and automatic upgrades!


Suggested Equipment:

  • 4 Jumps 

  • Travel Plank (stopped contacts) 

  • Mat or Raised Platform (running contacts) 

  • Object to circle (traffic cone, garbage can etc.)